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Senaru Panorama Walk

Led by knowledgeable, local woman guides, this half-day trek explores the beautiful foothills & villages that surround Mt Rinjani, in Lombok’s northern district of Bayan. In this trek you will experience local culture, wildlife, and features of outstanding natural beauty.

Starting near the entrance to Gunung Rinjani National Park, at the small village of Senaru, you will be able to observe Sasak life and culture. Your guide will explain some of the traditions, and the uses of certain buildings, plants and trees. Following a track through bamboo groves and village gardens, the narrow path eventually opens up to beautiful rice terraces, which still very much sustain the local population.

Following the sculpted, contouring path of an irrigation channel, you will enter the lush rainforest that surrounds Senaru. As you descend down the path you will hear then see the first of two magnificent waterfalls – Sindang Gila. A further 20 minute walk along the path will take you to the awe inspiring Tiu Kelep waterfall.

Your guide will point out things of interest along the way, and carry snacks & coffee for you to have at leisure by the waterfalls. When you return you will be offered a traditional Sasak meal, prepared by Nur, the RDA cook!

It takes approximately 2 hours to reach Senaru from Sengiggi & 1.5 hours from Bangsal harbour (if coming from the Gilis). We arrange transport to and from Senaru, the entrance fee to the waterfall area, and all food and beverage. Walks can be tailored to individual requirements – please enquire through or website, or contact phone number.