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Rinjani Dawn Adventures

Explore Lombok with Rinjani Dawn Adventures

Trek to hidden waterfalls, climb Mt. Rinjani and sleep under the bright stars of the Milky Way. RDA has everything you need for the ultimate Lombok adventure.


Dare To Explore

Lombok is an Indonesian island and burgeoning tourist destination. To the thousands of travellers that visit every year, Lombok is a tropical paradise boasting pristine beaches, magical waterfalls, world-class surf breaks, amazing diving and beautiful mountains.

Choose your next adventure and come exploring with us

Planing a trip to Lombok and want to experience the ultimate adventure? We’ve got you covered!

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Our blog features travel advice, insider tips and musings about various aspects of life on Lombok. It draws on RDA’s founder Angus’s lifelong love of the outdoors, interest in conservation, the environment and aspirations of social entrepeneurism.

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