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December 2014

Building Building in Lombok is never easy, but it can be a very fun and rewarding experience! The hardest thing I find, apart from the language barrier, is locating the materials and equipment needed to do a job. Where as in other places you can go to a large hardware or DIY store and buy everything at once, here you can spend a morning trying to locate the right sized screw, or a washer, or a bag of cement! Thankfully I’m blessed with some amazing friends in Bayan, who

I don’t know why, but the word “blog” irritates the hell out of me. Apparently if you have a website, or sell something, you need to start one - start “blogging”. This is the “recorded life” of Rinjani Dawn Adventures – a small trekking & tour operator based in Senaru, Lombok. I hope it will not have the same affect on people as the word blog does on me – I’ll try to keep it neutral and informative rather than oppressively sentimental. I don’t imagine there will be

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