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Is Mount Rinjani Open?

2019 has been a year full of uncertainty regarding trekking on Mt Rinjani. The mountain is usually closed between January and March due to the monsoon, but it was hoped that it would re-open in April. Assessment by the national park authority was measured, and a formal decision delayed until after the 2019 Indonesian election (as department roles and policy might have changed had Jokowi lost).

The office of Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani (TNGR) have announced this week that 4 routes are officially open (as of 14th June 2019). They are:

Senaru Trail

Sembalun Trail

Timbanuh Trail

Aik Berik Trail

Announcement Details

Mount Rinjani National Park will officially open 4 hiking trails. The opening of the hiking trails will be held on Friday June 14, 2019, at the Office of the Sembalun East Lombok sub-district head, by dialogue via the internet with the Director General of KSDAE (the Ministry of Environment and Forestry).

Tickets can be booked via the eRinjani application which can be downloaded in the playstore or through the website www.erinjani.id

To consider safety and comfort, climbing is limited to the crater rim (it is not allowed to trek to the summit or lake Segara Anak).

For up-to-date information about trekking on mount Rinjani, please contact us through our Enquiry and Booking portal on our website.

Be sure to read the climbing rules / climbing SOPs in the eRinjani application or on the website www.tngr.menlhk.go.id

It is recommended to remain vigilant and cautious about situations in the field such as natural disasters, earthquakes, and avalanches that cannot be predicted.

Official flyer from TNGR


The opening of Gunung Rinajni National Park is a welcome announcement, and should herald the return of tourism to North Lombok. Whether the summit route will follow is uncertain, but we believe it will. The lake route is less likely in the immediate future, as much repair work needs to be conducted on the trails that run down from Senaru and Sembalun Crater Rim.

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