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Senaru Discovery

The Senaru Discovery Package combines the best Senaru sightseeing with camping in a magical jungle campsite overlooking Tui Kelep waterfall. Visit organic coffee gardens on the rain-forested slopes of Mt Rinjani, discover the area’s unique Sasak culture & religion in Senaru traditional village, stroll along picturesque rice terraces and picnic beside the beautiful Lombok waterfalls of Sendang Gile and Tui Kelep. The Authentic Lombok Package is a full day of guided excursions in and around Senaru, and includes meals and refreshments.”


For many years Lombok has lived in neighbouring Bali’s shadow. But as Bali becomes more and more crowded, many travellers are venturing to Lombok for a more authentic experience of Indonesia. Many come to climb the imposing Mount Rinjani, stroll along the famous “Pink Beach” at Tangsi, or catch some waves on the South coast near Kuta. Others come to dive and party in the Gili Isles, or delight in some of the fine restaurants the island has to offer. But if you want to get “off the beaten track” and experience the Sasak roots of this unique island you should head north to the area of Bayan and the mountain village of Senaru.

Senaru Village Sightseeing

On arrival at our office in Senaru you will be greeted by your guide for the day. We employ the best local guides, all of whom can speak English. Over a coffee and a light breakfast your guide will explain the days’ itinerary, and answer any questions you may have.

Coffee Garden

The first stop on your trip will be a coffee garden in the jungle. Many of the local villagers were allocated small parcels of land in the Gunung Rinjani National Park for micro-gardens. These villagers harvest organic coffee, vanilla, nuts and fruits from these small plots hidden amongst the rainforest. They also collect natural Kopi Luwak from the jungle floor. The most expensive coffee in the world, Kopi Luwak is a coffee bean that has passed through the digestive tract of the Asian Palm Civet (a small cat-like creature native to Southeast Asia). According to coffee experts the delicious smooth taste of Kopi Luwak comes from the fermentation that occurs inside the digestive tract, which reduces the acidity of the bean. Should your guide find some Kopi Luwak whilst showing you around the garden you are welcome to try a cup later on!

Senaru Traditional Village

After you return from the jungle garden your next stop will be Senaru Traditional Village. Senaru village dates back hundreds of years, and many of the local residents are still living in much the same way their ancestors did. The village comprises numerous thatched (Aleng-Aleng) huts, as well as raised platforms (“Geleng” or “Sambi”) for the storage of rice. In most of the houses you will find a small raised platform “Inan Bale” or “mother of the house”, which is used for praying. Bayan, the area to which Senaru belongs, is unique in its practise of the Wetu Telu religion. Wetu Telu (“three times”) is a syncretic form of Islam which merges parts of Hindu and indigenous animist beliefs. Your guide will take you around the village, and answer any questions you may have. He or she may also show you inside one of the houses (which are typically very dark inside). Senaru is still a “working village” so we ask our guests to respect the people living there. Many are poor, relying on an extremely low income from working in the rice-fields. We pay an entrance fee for our groups, which helps support the community and maintain the village.

Senaru Panorama Walk – Rice Fields

After you have looked around Senaru Traditional Village you will descend down the hill towards the many terraced rice fields that contour around the foothills of mount Rinjani. You will follow an irrigation channel, learning about how rice is cultivated. The path you follow will eventually bring you to the source of the irrigation water – the river that flows from the mountain and Lake Segara Anak. As you leave the rice fields behind and enter a forested valley, you will hear the first of two waterfalls on your tour – the beautiful Sendang Gile waterfall.

Sendang Gile & Tui Kelep Waterfall

Many travellers come to Senaru just to see the spectacular Sendang Gile & Tui Kelep waterfalls. The first waterfall we will stop at during your trek will be Sendang Gile or “slightly crazy” waterfall. Sendang Gile is actually the result of a natural spring that emerges from the mountainside above. The water cascades down in two parts, with a small pool in the mid-section. It’s possible to shower under the waterfall, but not swim. As it’s pure mineral water you will feel pleasantly rejuvenated should you wish to brave the cold! From Sendang Gile waterfall we will continue our walk up the valley towards Tui Kelep waterfall. The path is well maintained, and it is fairly flat most of the way. You will be required to cross a small stream at two points, which involves wading through thigh-deep water. It takes approximately 40 minutes to reach Tui Kelep from Sendang Gile waterfall, but there is plenty to look at along the way! The steep sides and dense vegetation of the valley conjure up images of Indiana Jones or Tomb-Raider, and birds and butterflies are often visible. Once at Tui Kelep you are free to swim and take photographs. Being a deeper pool, it is ideal for swimming. If you’re adventurous you can also try to get to a cave that lies behind the waterfall. Tui Kelep is perhaps Lombok’s finest waterfall, and provides an amazing backdrop for a photograph!

Jungle Campsite

We will finish the day by taking you to a great location to watch the sunset. We will then trek to the jungle campsite (20 minutes walk), where a campfire and delicious meal will await. Most people feel tired after a full day trekking around Senaru and swimming under waterfalls, so a comfy mattress & sleeping bag is a welcomed end to the day. If you’d like to stay-up longer and talk around the campfire, this is also a lot of fun! The following morning you’ll be cooked breakfast by your guide, before returning to our office in Senaru.

The above summarizes the main parts of the tour, but we like to leave little details and experiences out so you have some surprises along the way. We hope you will join us on this fun and interesting tour, experiencing authentic Lombok at its best!

Summary: Authentic Lombok Package

Location: Senaru Village, Bayan, North Lombok

Duration: 1day, 1 night

Hiking Time: 4-5 hours

Includes: Guide, breakfast, picnic lunch, hot dinner, bottled water, coffee & other refreshments.

Ideal for: People wanting to see the best of Senaru’s sights, waterfalls and culture before camping in our awesome jungle campsite overlooking Tui Kelep waterfall.

What you should bring: Day-pack, camera, personal items, towel, swimming gear, sandals.