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I Love Lombok!

I Love Lombok is designed for travellers wishing to combine the best sightseeing in North Lombok with an amazing trekking experience. You will visit spectacular waterfalls, immerse yourself in the local Sasak culture, visit jungle coffee gardens and stroll along beautiful rice terraces. After spending a night camping in the jungle with your guide and porters you will climb to Senaru Crater Rim (elevation 2604m). Senaru Crater Rim boasts possibly the best views on Lombok; mount Rinjani sitting high above lake Segara Anak and Mt Barujari to the East, and the 3 Gili Isles & a distant Mt Agung to the West. I Love Lombok is an action packed 3 days that will leave you with fond memories and new found friends!”


There are many reasons to love Lombok. From the perfect waves & serene beaches in the South, to the coral waters and laid-back vibe of the Gili Isles. Wherever you are on the island mount Rinjani dominates the skyline. Surrounded by a blanket of lush jungle, this cultural icon has far a reaching influence and fascinating history. If you wish to combine something that’s fun, invigorating and challenging into your Lombok holiday, I Love Lombok is the package for you!

North Lombok Sightseeing

(Day 1)

Our driver will collect you from your Lombok accommodation in the morning (how early will depend on your location). Having driven up the coast, you will arrive at our office in Senaru between 9 and 10 am. On arrival you will be introduced to your guide, who will brief you on what to expect over the coming days. After a cooked breakfast and fresh coffee, you will commence your 3-day tour.

Senaru Traditional Village

Senaru village is situated on the foothills of mount Rinjani and is one of two official start points for climbing the mountain. Nestled at the edge of the jungle, Senaru traditional village dates back hundreds of years. Very much a “living village” as opposed to a tourist attraction, Senaru provides a unique glimpse into the local Sasak culture and Wetu Telu religion. Until around 40 years ago Senaru remained relatively isolated, its population living in much the same manner as their ancestors did. A strong family and community culture remains, with ceremonies and cultural events being frequent spectacles. Your guide will show you around the village, and explain the functions of various buildings and people.

Senaru Trekking (Panorama Walk)

After you have learnt about Sasak culture in Senaru Traditional Village you will descend down the valley towards the rice fields on the lower plains. Passing through small hamlets and encountering friendly villagers, you will emerge close to the main irrigation channel that supplies water to the rice terraces below. Your guide will explain to you the importance of rice cultivation to the community, and answer any questions you may have. The panorama walk follows the irrigation channel as it winds around the hillside, before disappearing back into the rainforest towards its source.

Senaru Waterfalls – Sendang Gile and Tui Kelep

Lombok is home to many breathtaking waterfalls, but Sendang Gile and Tui Kelep must be the most famous. Following on from the Senaru panorama walk you will continue your trek into the rainforest, following the mountain water that irrigates the foothills up towards its source. The first waterfall we will stop at is “Sendang Gile” or “slightly crazy” waterfall. Coming from an underground mountain spring high above, this waterfall cascades over two levels with a hanging pool in the mid-section. You will have the opportunity to rest, take photographs, and have a cool drink here. If you like you can also shower at the edge of the waterfall (but beware, it’s quite powerful!). It takes approximately 30-40 minutes to get to Tui Kelep waterfall from Sendang Gile, but the path is well maintained and relatively flat. To get to Tui Kelep you will need to cross the river in two places. The current is not strong, and it is usually only thigh-deep. Once you reach Tui Kelep waterfall you will marvel at the beauty of this natural feature, hidden until the last minute amongst the lush vegetation and steep valley slopes. It is possible to swim at Tui Kelep, but if you’d rather just relax with your picnic lunch that’s perfectly fine! You will have ample time to swim and enjoy this amazing Lombok waterfall before returning along the trail to Senaru.

Rinjani Viewpoint

After returning from Sendang Gile and Tui Kelep waterfalls you will most likely feel like sitting down and relaxing! We will take you to a special place where you can enjoy a hot or cold drink and admire the view of mount Rinjani for a while. When you’re ready we will move-on to the final part of Day 1.

Coffee Garden & Jungle Campsite

The final part of day one will involve visiting a coffee garden in the jungle. Villagers from Senaru grow organic coffee, vanilla, cacao, avocado and nuts in the rainforest. These jungle “gardens” are very small and inconspicuous, but yield some delicious produce! Villagers also collect Kopi Luwak from the jungle floor. These coffee beans, which have passed through the digestive tract of the Asian Palm Civet (a small cat-like creature) are highly prized for their flavour. Although most of the villagers keep them for themselves, coffee Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world, often costing more than $1000 per kilo! Having looked at the various plants and trees your guide will take you to your campsite for the night, where you will eat a delicious hot meal before going to bed. Although in the jungle, the campsite has a great view and dining area. If, however, you’d rather stay in Senaru for the night we can organise a room for you at a local guest house (subject to availability).


Rinjani Trekking, (Senaru Crater Rim Trek)

(Days 2 & 3)

Views from Senaru Crater Rim trek, days 2 & 3

Although not as high as the summit of mount Rinjani, climbing to Senaru Crater Rim represents a genuine challenge and is a fantastic experience. It’s only 10.5km to the crater rim, but you’ll have 2000m elevation gain to contend with (a prolonged ascent throughout the day). We will start at Senaru Traditional Village (600m) and climb to Plawangan Senaru campsite (2604m). But don’t worry, although it is uphill for most of the way there will be plenty of opportunity to stop for rest-breaks!

Having risen early and had breakfast with your guide and porters, you will receive a briefing about the day ahead. The porters and guides carry all the camping equipment, food and safety gear, so all you’ll need is a small day-pack with personal items (please refer to our packing-list for recommendations). Once everything is packed-away and your group is ready to go, you’ll commence your 2 day / 1 night rinjani trekking package up to one of the most amazing viewpoints on Lombok. Day 1 will be divided into stages, with various stops along the route to re-hydrate and re-fuel. We will stop for an hour-long lunch, where the porters will prepare a cooked meal. Two thirds of the day will be spent trekking through the jungle. The path is well-maintained, and the canopy affords a nice shade that keeps it relatively cool. You will break the tree-line in the mid-afternoon (at around 2150m elevation) continuing up the ridgeline towards the crater rim. We aim to arrive at Senaru Crater Rim between 4 &5pm, in time to put on some warm clothes and watch the sunset.

You will be provided a hearty cooked-meal by your guide and porters, as well as coffee, tea, and isotonic drinks. The campsite at Senaru Crater Rim provides panoramic views, with Mt Rinjani summit to the south east and Bali’s mount Agung to the West. Providing it is clear, Senaru Crater Rim provides an excellent location for star-gazing and astrophotography. Due to relatively low levels of light pollution, the milky way is clearly visible at night, as are many constellations. When you are feeling ready for sleep you are free to retire to your tent, which the porters and guides will have prepared for you. We provide thick mattresses, sleeping bags & pillows, as well as freshly washed sleeping bag liners.

The following morning you will have the opportunity to explore the ridgeline a little, and watch the sun rise over Mt Rinjani and Lake Segara Anak. Mount Barujari, the active volcanic component that sits in the lake will also be visible, and is sometimes smoking.  When everyone has had breakfast and packed away their things we will commence our walk off the mountain. We expect to be back in Senaru by the early to mid afternoon, in time to transport you to Bangsal Harbour (for the Gili Isles) or an onward location on the mainland.

Summary: I Love Lombok Package

Location: 1 day Senaru area / North Lombok, 2 days Mount Rinjani National Park (Senaru Crater Rim).

Duration: 3 Days

Hiking Time (approx.): Day 1: 5 hours, Day 2 : 7 hours, Day 3: 5 hours

Includes: Transport (refer to travel zones on inquiry form), guides & porters, all meals, bottled water, tea & coffee, all camping equipment, trekking poles, poncho’s, luggage storage.

Ideal for: Adventurous travellers wanting to visit some of the coolest places in Lombok. Outdoor enthusiasts wishing to do some Rinjani trekking. Honeymooners looking for the best Lombok tour.

What you should bring: Day-pack, trainers or hiking shoes, 3 days’ worth of clothes (especially socks & underwear), camera, towel & toiletries, swimming gear, sandals, some warm items for the night-time on Senaru Crater Rim (temperatures can drop significantly). We have some clothing items we can lend free of charge such as warm jackets and gloves. Please bear in mind we may not have your size, so contact us in advance to check availability.