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Mt Rinjani: 2 day / 1 night


The 2 day / 1 night package is suitable for people who wish to climb Mt Rinjani, but are pushed for time. If you wish to climb to the summit in this timeframe, you will start from Sembalun, and return the same way (without climbing down to the crater lake). If you do not wish to climb to the summit, you can trek to the crater rim, camping on either the Sembalun or Senaru side. In this instance we recommend Plawangan Senaru, as you are afforded a better view of the mountain and baby volcano (Mt Baru). It is possible to camp at the crater lake at the end of day 1, but this will involve more walking and less time for rest! We do not recommend this package unless you are fit and motivated.

Travel & Accommodation

Rinjani Dawn Adventures includes collection and drop-off from hotels in North Lombok in the price of the package. Should you wish to explore some of Senaru before climbing Mt Rinjani, we can assist with finding accommodation, and can provide a guide for the waterfalls and local sight-seeing.

Briefing & Issue of Equipment

Following breakfast at a guest house in Senaru, trekkers will meet at the RDA office for a briefing. How early we will meet will depend on whether we are starting from the Sembalun side (which is an hours drive away) or from Senaru. In any case, we like to get underway in good time! When everyone has arrived you will be introduced to your guide, who over a coffee will explain the itinerary for the following days. After the briefing, trekkers will be issued with any equipment they require.

If traveling to Senaru on the same day of the trek, you will be collected by car or minibus from your hotel. The drive to the RDA office in Senaru takes approximately two hours from Sengiggi, one and a half from Bangsal harbour. Once at the office you will be offered a light breakfast and coffee. Your guide will brief you about the route, and issue any additional equipment required.

Itinerary: 2 Day / 1 Night Summit

(Sembalun > Crater Rim > Summit > Sembalun)

Day 1:

(Approximately 7 hours walking; 1483m ascent)

  • Travel to Sembalun (1 hour)
  • Registration at Rinjani Information Centre
  • Commence trek (1156m altitude). Walk for approximately 2 hours. Arrive at Pos 1 “Pemantaun” (1300m). Rest for 15-20 minutes, take on water & have some snacks.
  • Walk for approximately 1 hour. Arrive at Pos 2 “Tengengean” (1500m). Rest for 10-15 minutes.
  • Walk for a further hour, arrive at Pos 3 “Pada Balong” (1800m). 2 hour rest & lunch break. Porters will prepare a hot meal, tea and coffee.
  • Continue to crater rim “Plawangan Sembalun” (2639m). This stage takes approximately 3 hours, and involves a steep ascent.
  • Once at Plawangan Senaru, the porters and guides will set-up camp, and prepare dinner. You will be able to enjoy sunset overlooking the crater lake.

Day 2:

(Approximately 10 hours walking; 1,087m ascent, 2570m descent)

  • 0200 hrs: Wake up, have a light breakfast.
  • 0230 hrs: Leave camp, commence ascent to summit
  • 3-4 hours hard climbing. The terrain is steep, and in parts gravelly. The last hour is especially hard, and exposed to the elements. Warm clothing is essential, and a windbreaker jacket, gloves & hat highly recommended.
  • Reach the summit (3726m / 12,224ft), hopefully in time to see the sun coming up over Lombok! From the summit you can see Segara Anak (the crater lake), Mt Agung (Bali), Sumbawa, and the three best known Gili Isles (Trawangan, Meno, & Air).
  • Descend back down to camp (2 hours) & enjoy a well-deserved breakfast!
  • Walk the route back down to Sembalun (5 hours), stopping for breaks and lunch along the way.
  • Transfer back to RDA office (1 hour), collect any belongings stored with us, and wait for transport back to Sengiggi or Bangsal.
  • If travelling onwards to the Gili Isles, we will endeavour to have you in Bangsal harbour before 5pm.

Itinerary: 2 Day / 1 Night; Senaru Crater Rim

 (Senaru > Crater Rim > Senaru)

Day 1:

(Approximately 7 hours walking; 2040m ascent)

  • 0730 hrs: Briefing & issuing of equipment, RDA office, Senaru
  • 0800 hrs: Registration at the Rinjani Trek Centre (RTC)
  • 0815 hrs: Commence trek (601m elevation). Walk to Pos 1 “Bunut Ngengkang” (750m). This usually takes 1 hour. 10 minute rest.
  • Continue to Pos 2 “Montong Satas” (1500m). This stage takes approximately 2 hours. We will take a 1.5 hour lunch-break in Pos 2, where the porters and guides will prepare a hot meal, tea & coffee.
  • After lunch we will start walking to Pos 3 “Mondokan Lokak” (2000m). Walking time approximately 2 hours. 10-15 minute rest at Pos 3, before continuing to the crater rim.
  • Approximately 2 hours walking from Pos 3 to the crater rim “Plawangan Senaru” (2641m).
  • Porters & guides set up camp & prepare dinner. Trekkers free to wander around the crater rim & hopefully take some nice photos of the spectacular view!

Day 2:

(Approximately 5 hours walking; 2040m descent)

  • 0730 hrs: Wake-up, leisurely breakfast. Time to take photographs, drink coffee, etc
  • 0900 hrs: Commence walk back down to Senaru.
  • Walk for approximately 3 hours, taking short breaks along the way. Stop for lunch at a rest area in the jungle.
  • 1500 hrs Arrive back at the RDA office, Senaru. Collect belongings & wait for transport back to Sengiggi or Bangsal harbor.