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Pergasingan Hill Deluxe Package

Our Pergasingan Hill Deluxe Package is tailored for people who want to climb and spend the night camping on one of Lombok’s most iconic peaks. Leaving in the morning from a designated pick-up point on North Lombok (Bangsal Harbour, Sengiggi or Mataram), you will travel first to Senaru then to the start point of the Pergasingan Hill trail. Once there you will trek for four hours to the top of Pergasingan Hill where our porters and guides will set-up camp for the night. You will be treated to a delicious hot meal and refreshments whilst watching the sun set over this beautiful valley”


The Indonesian island of Lombok is famous for many things; Mount Rinjani, the beautiful pink beach at Tangsi, Sendang Gile and Tui Kelep waterfalls, the world-class surf break at Desert Point, & most importantly the amazing people who call the island home! The Gili Isles have amassed a global reputation- touted by some as “the next Ibiza” due to the bohemian vibe & vibrant nightlife, they continue to draw global travellers seeking fun and adventure. Kuta & the South of Lombok possess stunning beaches and a burgeoning surf culture, as well as a growing food-scene. Lombok really has something for everyone! One area on Lombok that has remained relatively untouched by tourism is the Sembalun Valley. Situated in Lombok Timur (East Lombok) on the North-Eastern slopes of Mt Rinjani, Sembalun village sits on a flat-bottomed valley, protected by surrounding hills and narrow passes. The natural beauty of the Sembalun valley & Mt Rinjani has recently drawn travel writers and adventure-seeking tourists to Sembalun, in particular to Bukit Pergasingan, a vantage point with amazing panoramic views.

Bukit Pergasingan (Pergasingan Hill)

Pergasingan Hill (or “Bukit Pergasingan” in Bahasar Indonesia) is one Lombok’s finest viewpoints. Bukit Pergasingan sits high above the mountain village of Sembalun, East Lombok. The valley in which Sembalun lies is flat and fertile, with a tapestry of fields stretching to the foot of the enclosing hills. Bukit Pergasingan is an excellent view point, and accessible to all levels of fitness (unlike Mt Rinjani, which is considerably more arduous). It takes approximately 4 hours to climb via a newly established and relatively unknown trail.

We aim to get you up to the Bukit Pergasingan campsite by 4.30pm – ample time to relax and have a coffee before the sunset! Camping on Pergasingan Hill is an experience you’ll never forget – as the sun sets you’ll be able to soak up magnificent views and take wonderful panoramic photos of the valley below. If you’re an Instagram addict or travel blogger this is selfie heaven! A delicious hot meal will be cooked by your guide and porters, and tents will be set-up for you (so you’ll be free to wander around or relax). If it’s a clear night you can take your sleeping bags outside and watch the multitude of stars visible on Lombok.

The following morning you’ll have a leisurely breakfast, watching pockets of mist rise off the beautiful fields below. Walking back down the hill you might see an eagle hunting for prey, or other exotic birds flying high. When you finish the trek we’ll drive you back to our office in Senaru, or an onward destination you’ve pre-arranged.

Climbing Pergasingan Hill will be a highlight of your Lombok experience– we’ll ensure you have a wonderful time, and that you leave with a smile on your face! If you think the Pergasingan Hill Deluxe package is the Lombok adventure for you, or if you have more questions regarding the trek, please contact us through our online booking portal. We look forward to meeting you, and creating some wonderful memories on together!

We offer considerable discounts for group bookings, or for people making their own travel arrangements to our office in Senaru – please contact us through our website for a quote. If you would also like to see Sendang Gile waterfall before climbing the hill, we include this in the price of the package (although you will have to leave earlier).

Summary: Pergasingan Hill Deluxe Package

Location: Bukit Pergasingan, Sembalun, East Lombok

Duration: 1 day + 1 night camping (starting from Senaru or Sembalun)

Hiking Time: 4 hours

Travel Time: 1 hour from Senaru; 3 hours from Bangsal Harbour

Includes:  Visit to Sendang Gile waterfall in Senaru, guide(s) & porters, picnic lunch, hot dinner, bottled water, coffee & tea, transport from areas on North Lombok.

Ideal for: People wanting to climb Pergasingan Hill & camp for a night.

What you should bring: Water bottle / camelback, sunscreen, hat, camera, overnight things.